Terms & Conditions

I warmly welcome you and your horse to Jamarqui Equestrian. Please remember that this is my home and yard. It is my pride and joy, a happy place that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Please be courteous and pleasent to all visitors as you are all our valued guests.

  • No dogs allowed on the property.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on site. Vaping must be kept to your personal space please, ie your vehicle, not on the yard or in the buildings.

Booking Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are ex GST
  • All full service horses will be handled in a rope knotted headcollar, no exceptions. One will be provided.
  • Check in is before 5pm.
  • Check out is before 9am. After this time $20 will be charged until 12pm, after which a further $20 will be charged.
  • Any hay fed in paddocks or sand yards must be in hay nets, not on the floor.
  • Any signs of illness before arriving must be declared, this is to ensure the health of all horses.
  • Any excessive damage to stables or fences will be charged to owners.
  • Any veterinary treatment will be at the expense of the owner.
  • All invoices will be issued at the conclusion of stay and we ask to be paid by the due date

Yard Rules

For day, short-term or overnight visitors

  • Please park your truck/float sensibly so others can get in and out
  • Do not park in front of the sand yards as access is needed at all times
  • Do not park in front of barn
  • Please leave the mounting blocks where they are
  • All clinic riders must have yellow tag helments
  • Paddock charge $20 ($10 in conjunction with stabling) +GST
  • Sand Yard $20 +GST
  • Yards and paddocks to be cleaned of all poop and hay. Failure will result in a $30 clean up charge
  • All hay to be fed in nets, including in the paddocks. All loose hay to be cleared up
  • No tying to floats or trucks. Please tack up before unloading, or use the sand yards (no charge for tack up use)
  • Please pick up all poop, which includes the race down to the arena
  • Wash down is in the designated area outside the barn near the round pen. Please tie up within the cross ties. Do not shower on the gravel
  • If you require warm wash down, this is available at $10.00 per shower. Please ask before using
  • Solaruim can be made available at $15.00 per 10 minutes. Please ask before using
  • Human showers are available at $10 per shower
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on site. Vaping must be kept to your personal space please, ie your vehicle, not on the yard or in the buildings
  • Do Not interact with dogs in the fenced paddock. They do and will bite
  • No dogs allowed on the property‚Äč

Health and Safety

  • An approved yellow tag helmet to be worn at all times
  • While on the property, correct footware must be worn at all times. No jandals, open toe sandles or sneakers
  • While mounted, footwear with a heel - preferably a riding boot - must be worn
  • All parts of the grounds to be kept free of rubbish and generally tidy
  • Riding is a high risk sporting activity. Riders need to employ the best practice possible when competing and handling horses
  • Please remember to keep an eye out for small children and spectators
  • Please ensure you are not taking unnecessary risks when managing yourself, horse or vehicle
  • Please ensure you are careful when manoeuvring your vehicle and parking on the property
  • Treat all electric fences as being on
  • Stay out of roped off areas
  • No Smoking on any part of the property
  • No barbeques or open fires on any part of the property

Assistants, Official & Volunteers

If you are assisting on the day in any capacity please ensure you:

  • Use the correct safety equipment ie: helmets on bikes, suitable footwear
  • Use equipment or machinery in a safe and responsible manner
  • Provide service or support in a manner which allows for the Health & Safety of all concerned

Accidents, Fire and Emergencies

  • Accidents must be recorded
  • First aid box both human and animal located in the tea room in cupboard by the sink, labelled
  • Fire and Emergency Assembly point outside the main house
  • Extinquishers located:
    • Outside looseboxes
    • Near the hose pipe in lorry shed
    • At the entrace to the cottoages
  • Fire hose located:
    • Inside main barn
    • Outside main barn by lorry shed

Hazard List

  • Horses and Ponies: Must be handled by competent and experianced people. All horses and ponies to wear correctly fitting tack
  • Contour of property: Loose stones and raised hard areas can cause trip hazard
  • Weather conditions
  • Equipment and obstacles
  • All mucking out equipment must be returned to safe area in barn and beside muck heap
  • Buildings and gateways: Do not block free movement
  • Water and water troughs
  • Movement of vehicles: Be aware of children, animals, hard of hearing and disabled in area